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Dawsonville dog goes viral
Clarence 2
Nancy Satori and Clarence run a Facebook page called “Handsome Clarence” that chronicles their daily adventures. - photo by Jessica Taylor

When Dawson County resident Nancy Satori posted a video of her dog on Facebook, she never expected to get the response she received.

In just one week, a video featuring her Great Dane, Clarence, reached over 10 million views. It now boasts more than 13 million views on Facebook.

Satori heard Clarence, her 4 ½ year old black and grey speckled pooch, barking at something outside.

“The night before [the video was posted] there was barking,” Satori said. “Twenty minutes and I finally get the shoes and the flashlight and go and find that he’s bouncing around this little tiny fuzzball.”

Clarence 1
Clarence, a 4 ½ year old Great Dane living is Dawson County, is a viral sensation on the internet. - photo by Jessica Taylor

The gentle giant had found a tiny little black kitten outside his house and anxiously called his mom for attention, Satori said.

In the video, Clarence is seen bouncing around the kitten in an attempt to play with the small bundle of fur.

“He wasn’t sure about him but he also wanted to play but he was also a little scared,” Satori said. “I think he did honestly want to play.”

The video was posted on the Facebook page “Go Fetch” on July 23 where it has amassed millions of views and has brought attention to the Facebook page Satori has created for her viral sensation.

After the video spread like wildfire across social media, Satori noticed a considerable spike in followers for Clarence. His page, named “Handsome Clarence,” went from a couple hundred followers to more than 2,000 almost overnight.

Satori created the page to share Clarence’s adventures with family and friends where she posts cute videos and photos of Clarence enjoying life.

He’s already beginning to be recognized in the community. Clarence regularly helps his mom shop at places like Hobby Lobby, Best Buy, Home Depot, sporting goods stores and banks as well as grabs a bite to eat on patios of certain pet friendly restaurants.

“Anywhere that is dog friendly or doesn’t have a ‘no pets allowed’ sign, I’ll give it a shot and walk in and I have never been asked to leave,” Satori said.

Clarence became a Dawsonville dog when Satori rescued him at 2 years old. He had been at Great Dane Rescue Midwest for three months before he found his forever home in the South.

“Some friends of ours that work with them near Chicago picked him out and sent us pictures and all this stuff for him and actually brought him all the way done here for us,” Satori said.

To follow more of Clarence’s adventures in Dawsonville and around north Georgia, visit his Facebook page at  

Clarence 6
Clarence, a Great Dane, gets a kiss from his mom, Nancy Satori. - photo by Jessica Taylor