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Dawson County Schools report continued flat COVID-19 cases
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash.

Just over halfway into the fall semester, Dawson County schools continue to report decreased numbers of positive COVID-19 cases and quarantined individuals within the school system. 

Vicki Brannon, director of youth health services at Dawson County Schools, said that after the initial spike in cases when classes resumed in August the numbers have been trending in the right direction and that there are currently no student cases and only one staff case in all the county’s schools. 

“After the first two weeks, our COVID-19 cases started dropping dramatically,” Brannon said. “We are seeing the numbers declining every week.” 

The school system has implemented several new guidelines and protocols throughout the semester to lower cases among both students and staff. 

“Our maintenance and facilities staff are working non stop to keep our school clean and disinfected, and our nursing staff has specific protocols to help assess and identify students or staff members that are at risk for contracting COVID-19,” Brannon said. 

The school system is cautiously optimistic about the lowered numbers of cases, but Brannon says that they don’t plan on letting their guard down and that parents and students should do the same. 

“We are planning to continue to maintain the protocols, procedures and guidelines that we have already implemented; we also plan on being aware and ready for the next step and not let our guard down,” Brannon said. “Continue to monitor yourself and your children for signs and symptoms of COVID-19, please don’t send your students to school if they are sick and reach out to your medical provider, pediatrician or health department if you or any of your family members become ill.”