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Dawson County restaurant inspections: March 1 through March 26

The following are food service businesses that were inspected by the Dawson County Environmental Health Department from March 1 through March 26, 2018. A score of 69 or less is failing.

Visit the Dawson County Public Health Inspection Page for a searchable list of food service scores:


March 1


27 Dawson Village Way S, Dawsonville Ga. 30534

Score: 84, Grade: B

Notes:  Employees not washing hands between loading and unloading dishwasher. No thermometer present for measuring cold temperatures. Cook and dishwashing staff tuck cloths in apron strings, encouraging hand wiping instead of hand washing. Sandwich unit accumulating water.


March 2


29 Main St. STE 160, Dawsonville, Ga. 30534

Score: 85, Grade: B
Notes: Leftover foods being reheated in steam table; steam unit should not be used to reheat leftovers. No thermometer on site to monitor the temperature of hot/cold held foods. No test strips to monitor strength of sanitizer being dispensed. Mops wet in floor instead of hung to air dry. Floors need more detailed cleaning. 


March 5


21 Medical Center Drive, Dawsonville, Ga. 30534

Score: 86, Grade: B
Notes: Employee drink without secure lid and straw in food prep area. Employee snack open above prep table. Ham slices on counter being held at 64 degrees; foods that are to be held cold must be held at a temperature of 41 degrees or below. Fluorescent light fixture over storage for clean kitchenware is missing shield.


March 6


SUBWAY #14662

66 Hwy. 400 S STE 160, Dawsonville, Ga. 30534

Score: 94, Grade: A

Notes: Manager certification not posted. Splashguard missing at 3-compartment sink on clean drain board side. Inside cabinet of self-serve drink station under tea urns has build-up of soda syrup.



85 Markeplace Blvd., Dawsonville, Ga. 30534

Score: 94, Grade: A

Notes: Knives and cleavers stored in wall hanging knife rack in prep area stored with dried food debris on blades. Build-up of mold inside nozzle of tea urns and soda dispensing nozzles and diffusers. Floor needs good cleaning under self-serve soda station.


March 7


731 Hwy. 9 N, Dawsonville, Ga. 30534

Score: 86, Grade: B

Notes: No Certified Food Safety Manager on staff at this time. Consumer advisory reminder on menu but no items disclosed for undercooking/raw service. Cooked ham on plate in walk-in cooler not cooled within required parameters. Light shields over cook line are greasy. Accumulation of debris in walk-in cooler. Baseboard pulling away from wall behind cook line.



March 8


236 Hwy. 53 W, Dawsonville, Ga. 30534

Score: 83, Grade: B

Notes: Menus do not contain consumer advisory for cooked eggs. Ribs being held at 79-96 degrees and pulled pork being held at 74-117 degrees; foods being held hot should be held at 135 degrees or above. Buildup of grease in walk-in cooler and under equipment in main kitchen and dishwashing area. Fluorescent light fixture missing shield over dishwashing area and over self-serve drink station in dining room.


March 12


50 Hwy. 400 S, Dawsonville, Ga. 30534

Score: 94, Grade: A
Notes:  Ice machine chute has build-up of pink slime mold. Self-serve drink machine nozzles with build-up of mold. Chute for the storage of ice cream/shake dispenser with large build-up of broken pieces of ice cream cones and cones touching the build-up. Countertop around equipment in drive-thru/coffee area with build-up of spilled drinks and dirt. Employees storing personal food with food for service in the establishment.


March 13


12 Dawson Market Way, Dawsonville, Ga. 30534

Score: 90, Grade: A

Notes: Beans not reheated properly or held at correct temperature. Dumpster area littered with trash bags and some broken open spilling food/trash on ground in dumpster enclosure.


March 14



76 North Georgia Ave., Dawsonville, Ga. 30534

Score: 84, Grade: B
Notes: No Certified Food Safety Manager on staff. Scrambled eggs held at 105-117 degrees, hot foods must be held at 135 degrees or above. Dumpster area with accumulation of trash bags in area and under dumpster.



749 Hwy. 53 W, Dawsonville, Ga. 30534

Score: 92, Grade: A
Notes: Consumer advisory missing disclosure marking to indicate which items can be ordered to customers request. Ham past expiration date.

March 16


837 Hwy. 400 S STE 175, Dawsonville, Ga. 30534

Score: 91, Grade: A

Notes: Prepped chicken wings, tempura batter and sandwiches not being held at 41 degrees or below.


March 26


170 HWY. 53 E, Dawsonville, Ga. 30534

Score: 97, Grade: A

Notes: Cup with brush for cleaning blizzard mixer shaft stored with sanitizer in the cup for use with brush. In-use utensil brush cannot be stored in sanitizer or water between uses. Shelving in cake decorating area under prep table, lids of containers stored under prep table with buildup of food debris. Trash and spilled grease on ground around dumpster and grease container. Water and grease puddled on ground behind dumpster.