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Dawson County Chief Tax Appraiser resigns
Request for salary increase spurs BOC to consider if salary study was flawed
Kurt Tangel
Kurt Tangel. - photo by For the Dawson County News
Dawson County Chief Tax Appraiser Kurt Tangel resigned earlier this month shortly after a request from the Board of Assessors for a salary increase for Tangel was denied by the board of commissioners. Sam Gutherie, chair of the Dawson County Board of Assessors, asked the commissioners during a work session April 24 if they would consider granting a merit salary increase to Tangel due to the responsibilities of his job and how his job pays compared to other department heads. “Comparing the chief tax appraiser position to some other management positions in our county shows that the chief tax appraiser’s position is underpaid, undervalued, or both,” Gutherie said. “There are other department heads paid substantially more than the tax appraiser...whose positions only minimally compare to this position.”