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Dawson County Chamber of Commerce launches “Small Town Superstar” program
small town superstar
The Dawson County Chamber of Commerce has recently started a new program, Smalltown Superstar, aimed at honoring some of the everyday people who make the community better.

The Dawson County Chamber of Commerce has launched a new program aimed at recognizing some of the every day “superstars” in the community. 

Christie Moore, Chamber of Commerce president, said that the idea first came to them after she had a really good experience with a local pharmacist, and realized there was an opportunity to create a program recognizing everyday people who do their jobs well. 

“There are programs for a lot of our public service individuals in our community, and there could never be enough programs for that, but there really aren’t any programs that recognize some of our people that work in our small businesses or just the people that make your everyday life better,” Moore said. “So this came up as an idea to spread some joy in the community and recognize some people who don’t get recognized.”

Anyone can nominate any person in the community, and the only requirement is that the nominee work in Dawson County. According to Moore, the chamber plans on selecting one winner per week through the end of the year. 

Winners will receive recognition on the Chamber of Commerce Facebook page and a $50 gift certificate to another local business, which is a way of spreading the benefits of the program around the local community even more. 

“We’ll show up with some balloons and the small town superstar sign and maybe some flowers, but we also give each winner a $50 gift card,” Moore said. “They’re not all the same gift card, because what we’re doing is trying to spread the love with local businesses. So it’s kind of neat because not only are we celebrating our small town superstars and the individuals who make our community what it is, but we’re also at the same time supporting a separate local business.” 

The first small town superstar winner was Joan Talley from United Community Bank, who was nominated because of her positive attitude, guidance and compassion towards her customers. The second winner was Doug Cole from Because Coffee. 

According to Moore, the feedback from the community about the program has been overwhelmingly positive, and she and the chamber are proud to be able to bring some joy to the community. 

“Our goal at the Chamber in starting the small town superstar program was to help spread joy in our community while highlighting our community members who truly go the extra mile,” Moore said. 

Moore said that the chamber welcomes all nominations for anyone you think of as a super star within the community. 

"We would love some more nominations,” Moore said. “We would love people to nominate, because the more nominations the better so we can keep rolling with this program.” 

To nominate someone as the next small town superstar, send an email to with the nominee’s name, where they work and a brief description of what makes them so special to you and to the community.