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‘Crafternoon’ fun on a rainy day
Satellite library hosts kaleidoscope making
kaleidoscope pic 1
Benjamin Andrew Ducharme, 4, tests out his new handmade kaleidoscope that he made at the Dawson County Satellite Library April 26. - photo by Jessica Taylor

Five-year-old Charlotte Ducharme could hear the rain hitting the roof of the Dawson County satellite library.

“Why are you doing it on a rainy day?” she asked.

“I told the rain to hold up but it didn’t listen,” replied Leah Weber, youth specialist at Dawson County Library.

Weber was leading a ‘crafternoon’ session, teaching the young and young-at-heart how to build kaleidoscopes using many common household objects. By using empty paper towel rolls, tin foil, plastic lenses, construction paper and colorful transparent beads, everyone was able to make a working kaleidoscope to take home.

The rainy Thursday afternoon had no effect on the turnout, as locals flocked to create their own kaleidoscopes so they could see the world through beautiful colors.

“I’ve been busy. There were people waiting at the door when I got here at 1 (p.m.),” said Weber. “It’s been a really good turnout for kaleidoscopes.”

 The room was full of new Dawsonville residents and all of them were at the satellite library for the first time.

 “It’s our first time to be over here (at the satellite library) but it won’t be our last because Leah’s really sweet,” said Mare Croix, who has been in Dawsonville with her husband John for three weeks.

The couple moved to Dawsonville from Texas and will be closing on their house next week. The two said they have been enjoying getting to know their new community, and they’ve especially loved going to the Dawson County Library for fun activities.

The satellite library is closer to the Croix’s new house than the library in Dawsonville, and when John found out about the kaleidoscope making craft, he knew he had to come make one for himself.

“I have lots of them at home but this is the first time I’ve made one,” he said, smiling.  

John and Mare compared their newly made crafts.

“I didn’t put enough beads,” said John. “But it works.”

“And I put too many,” Mare said, laughing.

Sitting across the table from the Croix were siblings Charlotte Ducharme, 5, and Benjamin Andrew Ducharme, 4. The two were happily decorating their kaleidoscopes with construction paper and beautiful drawings. It was their first time making kaleidoscopes.

“Decorating is more fun,” said Charlotte as she colored.

Charlotte was more interested in decorating, and turned her leftover construction paper into a beautiful unicorn she named “Horsey” while her brother gazed around the room with his kaleidoscope.

When asked if he enjoyed making kaleidoscopes, Benjamin Andrew said “Yeah, sometimes I do.”

“Sometimes I wonder if I should have a structured craft or just throw out a bunch of things and say ‘go,’” Weber said about the kids’ creativity.

As they were finishing up their crafts, Charlotte and Benjamin Andrew’s mother, Brittany Ducharme, asked if there were enough materials for her to make a kaleidoscope for her youngest son, who was at home.

Without hesitation, John Croix handed over his kaleidoscope. All Ducharme needed to do was decorate the outside. He insisted she take it because he had plenty at home.

“I had fun making it,” Croix said.  

The Dawson County Satellite Branch is located at 145 Liberty Drive next to Fire Station No. 2 and is open 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Mondays and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Thursdays.