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Couple who met at Kroger get engaged with help of coworkers
A-Kroger proposal pic 1
Kevin Leath, produce coordinator, proposed to Rosbeth Lo Presti, assistant manager, June 3 at the Kroger in Dawsonville. - photo by For the Dawson County News

The grocery store may be where you buy your vegetables, bread and milk, but it isn't exactly the first place you think of when you dream of finding a soulmate.

Except, it was for two Dawsonville coworkers who found love at the local Kroger store.

Kevin Leath, 36, and Rosbeth Lo Presti, 26, met two years ago, when Lo Presti was training as a manager at the former location of the local Kroger.

Leath, produce coordinator for the district, asked her on several dates during the two years they knew each other, Lo Presti recalled.

She resisted at first, wanting to put her career first.

She finally agreed in July of last year to accompany Leath on a "business outing," as she called it.

"We went to the movies and he paid for it but I still called it a ‘business outing' and not a date -- I wasn't prepared for that," Lo Presti said. "We went on several of those business outings until it became official at the fair in Cumming on Oct. 15, when we held hands for the first time."

After months of happy courtship, Leath asked Lo Presti's mother in May for his girlfriend's hand in marriage, and shared his proposal plan: A hot air balloon ride.

The smart mother was able to talk Leath down to something Lo Presti would enjoy more, as she is afraid of heights.

His plan ruined, Leath turned to his work family for the solution and engaged the help of more than a hundred colleagues to help pull off a memorable and unique proposal to be staged, where else, but at the Kroger store.

The morning of June 3, Lo Presti opened the store at 7 a.m., expecting to help prepare for a Chef Junior class to be taught that day.

Instead, when she arrived she was greeted by several coworkers who each handed her a red rose with a note attached.

"They all said ‘this is from the man who loves you, this is from the man who loves you,'" Lo Presti said.

Throughout the day, Lo Presti collected 100 roses, and written on each note was a reason why Leath wanted to marry her.

When a coworker around 10 a.m. suggested she go freshen up her hair and makeup, Lo Presti said she knew something was going to happen. When she walked down the stairs from her office, she saw Leath's family hiding in the wine department, and her suspicions were confirmed.

"I turned around and [Leath] came in with his suit and he had his seven-year-old boy, Mason, and they were both dressed with their suits on," Lo Presti said. "Everybody gathered around me and his son got down on one knee and so did he, and his son gave me the rose that said ‘will you marry me.'"

It goes without saying, she said yes.

Leath said the proposal went really well, and shared a few of the reasons he wrote on the notes as to why he wants to marry Rosbeth.

"The number one reason is the way she treats my son," he said. "She treats him like her own, spends one-on-one time with him. Another reason is she's so good-hearted, she's got God in her heart and we have God in our lives and we try to build our relationship on that foundation."

The presence of hundreds of store associates, customers, family members and friends did not detract from the proposal, Leath said, but made it better.

"We see more Kroger associates than our own family, and it was just one big happy family that day," he said.

Lo Presti agreed.

"I feel closer to my associates because they were able to be part of such a special moment with me," she said. "It was very sweet."

"It's true love," Leath said. "I don't want to sound cliche, but it really is."

Lo Presti will walk down the aisle Oct. 28 in Atlanta. Mason will be the best man.