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County to spend last of SPLOST V proceeds
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The Dawson County Board of Commissioners voted last week to spend the remaining SPLOST V funds to repave Veterans Memorial Park and repair a failed wing wall on Dawson Forest Road.

The Dawson County Government Center was built with SPLOST V funds, which also funded the historic courthouse renovation, demolition of the old jail, 911 console upgrades and Sheriff's Office roof repairs.

Of the SPLOST V proceeds, $449,203.66 remain.

"We were tasked with looking at what we could do with the SPLOST V remaining funds," Public Works Director David McKee explained at the commission's last work session. "We looked at a bunch of different options and what I've got here in this presentation is what we feel is the most viable option to move forward, utilize the SPLOST V dollars where we can get the most bang for our buck."

The first option that McKee presented was matching a grant from the Georgia Department of Transportation to fix a wing wall that failed on the side of Dawson Forest Road. The county is tasked with matching the funds 30 percent, at $49,000, and McKee proposed a portion of the remaining SPLOST V go to that.

The second part of that option is to rehabilitate the parking lot at Veterans Memorial Park, with an estimated project cost of $400,000. McKee said that Parks and Recreation Director Lisa Henson had asked for the work during her budget presentation to the commissioners.

"The park is in severe need of rehab," McKee said. "When they mow the grass they mow the back parking lot. This would give us the option of essentially two projects, expend those funds, and close out the SPLOST V documents. Staff's recommendation is option one."

The second option that McKee presented to the board was a "piecemeal" of five projects, including the wing wall match as well as a bucket truck purchase, partial park road rehab, funding for a fire hydrant program and a title search for Lumpkin Campground right of way.

The board agreed and voted unanimously to spend the money on option one.