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County commission sets millage rate
Gaines’ motion to roll back denied
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Some Dawson County residents will see a property tax increase after the county commission voted 3-1 last week to set the millage rate at 8.138 mills. The millage rate is part of a formula used to calculate property taxes, where one mill equals $1 for every $1,000 in assessed property value. The county has maintained the same rate of 8.138 mills for at least a decade. New businesses and homes coming to the area as well as a recent countywide revaluation of all agricultural and residential real property has resulted in an overall increase in the total tax digest, or value of all the properties in the county. Leaving the rate the same as last year will increase the amount of taxes the county will collect by about 12.8 percent, or $1.3 million, over 2017.