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Council members ‘might not vote’ for Gold Creek annexations
City annexes land off Hwy. 9 S for 236-home development
LCG development
Plans submitted by LCG show what a 137-acre, 236 home development behind JC Burt Road could look like.

An application submitted by 18 Gold Creek property owners to annex their property into the city at a reduced fee once again was the subject of a city council discussion this week, but this time residents were told that even if they were granted a reduced application rate, council members might not vote to annex the properties.

The applicants stated previously that they only want what is fair, as other Gold Creek residents in the past had annexed into the city paying little to no application fees. The full cost to apply for annexation and rezoning for a planned unit development, which Gold Creek is, at one acre or less would be $650 per applicant.

Council member Caleb Phillips said at the meeting Oct. 2 he would be willing to have the applicants pay $400 each.

“It’s less than they would have had to pay originally before the annexation fee, and I know what ya’lls opinion is on how other people have come in for less money, but they were not done correctly,” Phillips said. “What happened there was illegal.”

Phillips also said that no matter what application price the council decided on, he didn’t think he would vote to annex more property so far outside of the city.

“I don’t think some of that should be annexed to start with, I think ya’ll agree with that,” Phillips said. “I’d like to see it all go back to the county out there. Everything. I wish it was all in the county- we don't service it really, we don't provide any services to you.

“I want me to be up front now and tell you that I may not vote for the annexation. I don’t want you to lose your money.”

Council Member Angie Smith said her concerns were the same.

“I don’t understand, from either perspective, I don’t see the positives,” Smiths said. “I’m not saying that if you do request it I won’t consider all options and be willing to talk with you personally…I have concern with the expansion of areas that we don’t service or have much to gain.”

The council tabled the application until Dec. 4 so that Gold Creek property owners could meet with city council members prior to any vote to reduce the fees.

In another item of business, the council voted Monday to annex and rezone a 9.9-acre parcel of land into the city to be joined with two other properties for a total of 137.5 acres.

On that land, a 236 single family home subdivision will be built.

LCG residential is set to construct the homes on the property located on Hwy. 9 S near JC Burt Road.

The planning department recommended the rezoning with several stipulations, including a traffic study, minimum square footage at 1,600 square feet, water and sewer infrastructure, amenities including a community clubhouse, walking trails, a community pool, lighting and five foot sidewalks.

Smith said she wanted to clear up any confusion about her position on the annexation, which she said made more sense to have annexed into the city than the Gold Creek property.

“It feels to me like I’m kind of talking out of both sides of my mouth,” Smith said. “The difference between [the LCG] annexation and the Gold Creek annexation- [LCG’s] initial property phase one is already in the city, so from my point of view, I’m trying to prevent a Gold Creek situation of having some in and some out.”