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Continuous Flow Intersection opens
CFI pic 1
The continuous flow intersection in Dawson County opened officially overnight on May 15, connecting Ga. 400 and Hwy. 53 with a series of lanes and signals designed to guide left-turning vehicles out of the way of crossing traffic. - photo by Amy French
Georgia's first continuous flow intersection at Hwy. 53 and Ga. 400 was unveiled Monday night as the signals switched to accommodate the new traffic flow. Though the work is mostly done, a press release from the Georgia Department of Transportation states that drivers will still see barrels and cones around work zone areas near the intersection, but those are expected to be cleared by the middle of June 2017. The CFI, also knowns as a Displaced Left Turn or DLT, is modeled in only a few states across the US. For this reason, few have traveled through a similar intersection and can be easily confused by how it operates.