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Community supports woman battling cancer
Team Susan Walk pic 1
Dash Cheek and his parents Dustin and Jessica Cheek were just a few that walked on July 12 at Rock Creek Park in support of Williams, who is battling breast cancer. - photo by For the Dawson Community News

A recent benefit brought the community together to walk at Rock Creek Park for a local woman battling cancer.

"We thought maybe 50 people would come and it would mostly be our family," Susan Williams said. "But around 300 people showed up."

The Team Susan walk benefitted Williams who found out she had stage two breast cancer about two months ago.

"It was important to see all my family and friends and see their support for me," Williams said. "It was an inspiration and now I have pictures to look back and think all these people are praying for me."

The turnout for the walk not only surprised Williams, but it surprised her sister, Nancy Carter, as well.

"We were shocked at the love and support from everyone that showed up," Carter said.

Since Williams' diagnosis, Carter said her sister has been nothing but uplifting and continues to smile all the time.

"She is the baby, so everybody is worried about her," Carter said. "But she is the one that keeps us going."

Williams continues to raise awareness and wants to be able to help others one day and because of her experience she has grown spiritually.

"It's what's been handed to me and this may sound really weird but I'm not looking at this as a burden anymore I'm looking at it as a blessing from God," she said. "Just because of all the blessings I've already experienced from family, friends, co-workers and seeing blessings happen before me - I think it is a blessing instead of a curse."

Williams is thankful for her friends, family, Harris Family Dentistry who is her employer, and all the supporters at the walk, including her son-in-law Zachery Smith, who works for the Dawson County Sheriff's Office and gathered others to help pass water out during the benefit.

With a large group of supporters, Williams still has her bad days where she breaks down, but they are becoming less and less every day.

"One day at a time," she said. "Don't worry about yesterday. Don't worry about tomorrow, just get through today."