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Community joins forces for pups
Pups in the Park pic
From left, Riverview Elementary students Madelyn Lee, Katie McCormick and Ryan Walker, along with art teacher Chris Lundy, proudly display their posters designed for the Oct. 11 Pups in the Park event at Rock Creek Park. - photo by David Renner Dawson Community News

With the collaborative effort of several local organizations, the inaugural Pups in the Park Dog Show is stacking up to be a large-scale event for the county.

"We have been able to get the civic organizations involved as one collaborative group to work together for the animals," said Carolyn Bowen, president of the Dawson County Humane Society.

"What we need now are people to come out to the event and bring their dogs to enter them into the competitions. This is going to be fun for the entire family, including the dogs."

Pups in the Park is set for 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Oct. 11 at Rock Creek Park.

In addition to a dog and owner look-alike contest, a costume contest, a silly trick contest, a cutest dog contest or the ugliest dog contest, Pups in the Park will also include demonstrations from dogs trained for search and rescue missions, as well as agility.

A variety of food, pet item vendors, arts and crafts and entertainment will also be available.

"The humane society has wanted for a long time to have more family oriented events," Bowen said.

To help boost the hype around town, the Dawson County Arts Council coordinated with Riverview Elementary School art teacher Chris Lundy to promote the event.

"The arts council contacted me and they had been working with the humane society," he said. "They knew that I taught art and that I would have the means to help out with entries."

Lundy helped the two groups set up a contest to find a winning entry to promote the event. Lundy found three.

Riverview Elementary students Madelyn Lee, Katie McCormick and Ryan Walker had their entries chosen as winners for the contest.

"I've enjoyed art since I was little," McCormick said. "I've always loved to finger paint and ever since then I've wanted to get better at it."

Lee and Walker also both enjoy art as a past time.

"My grandmother is a painter, and I've always painted with her," Lee said. "I've always wanted to be like her."

The three girls were excited to learn their poster had been picked.

"I was very excited," Lee said. "I've never won any kind of contest or anything."

According to Lundy, the posters were chosen by a panel of judges from the arts council.

"I actually didn't pick the winning pieces myself. I want all of my students to win when I see them working so hard," Lundy said. "The art council took me out of the equation to give an unbiased decision."

The girls plan on going to the event to see their posters on display.

Staff writer Michele Hester contributed to this story.