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City planning commission again hears request from developer hoping to put 102 homes on Perimeter Road
Fall Leaf Plan.jpg
The city of Dawsonville planning commission recommended the city council approve a request from a developer to reduce the number of lots in a subdivision planned at the corner of Hwy. 9 and Perimeter Road near JC Burt Road.

A residential development planned at the corner of Perimeter Road and Hwy. 9 near JC Burt Road is one step closer to fruition after the Dawsonville planning commission voted Monday night to recommended the city council approve a developer’s request for a site plan change.

The developer, Fall Leaf Residential LLC, has requested the site plan change for a 36.84 acre development that is split between two parcels, one slated for commercial use and one planned for residential use.

The residential portion, located on 32.6 acres, was originally earmarked for 123 housing units at a density of 3.77 units per acre when approved in 2006. The applicant is asking for a reduction to 102 units, with a new density of 3.12 units per acre.

The request was tabled from the Nov. 5 meeting due to concerns about the property being located on a potential Hwy. 53 bypass route, but the commission was unable to hold a December meeting as not enough members were in attendance.

Tommy Barnes with Fall Leaf residential was present at the Jan. 14 meeting and explained the reasoning for the reduction in lots.

“Due to some changes in your ordinance and also due to some preliminary engineering we’ve done, we need to get the site plan modified so that’s why we’ve got this before you,” he said. “The new plan for the residential has 102 lots, they’re 70-foot lots and... there is  19 percent open space which is four percent more than what the ordinance requires.”

Barnes said there will be two entrances, one on Perimeter Road that would serve as the main entrance and one on Hwy. 9 that would be right-in, right-out only.

After asking Barnes several questions, planning commission member Anna Tobolski, who was newly appointed Jan. 7 to represent post 4, recommended that the commission recommend approval with several conditions.

Her conditions included that the applicant be required to have a conceptual design for the entrances.  

“This is a main thoroughfare coming to our city and I think function and aesthetics are important here,” Tobolski said.

Tobolski also asked that the city require both the entrances and the streets inside the development be lighted and that the city require a review of whether or not a decelleration lane would be appropriate on Hwy. 9 approaching the subdivision.

The commission voted unanimously to recommend approval with the conditions.

The request will now go before the city council for final approval.