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City of Dawsonville responded to sewage overflow near Elliott Village on Friday
No bodies of water were in danger of contamination, according to city manager
City of Dawsonville

Representatives with the city of Dawsonville responded to an overflowing manhole on a sewage line in the vicinity of Elliott Village on Friday, according to a press release from City Manager Bob Bolz.

According to the release, Gary Barr, the city's utilities director, received a report of the sewage overflow and responding city crews found a partially blocked sewage line. They contacted Townley Construction for assistance with clearing the block. 

"With considerable effort a piece of metal approximately six inches by 12 inches was removed from the sewage line," Bolz said. "This had been causing the partial blockage that created the overflow. Once the metal was removed, the sewage flow returned to normal."

Bolz said that city personnel along with Mike Sams with Environmental Management Systems developed a plan for cleanup, and that a pump truck was used to get any liquid up off the ground. The ground was then treated with lime for neutralization purposes.

"No sewage reached any body of water, no stream, no creek, no river, no contamination of any natural water source," Bolz said. 

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources Environmental Protection Division was also notified and were satisfied with the cleanup plan, according to the release. 

Bolz said city personnel have no idea how such a large piece of metal got into the sewage system. 

Anyone with information or an explanation on how the metal entered the sewage line is encouraged to call City Hall at (706)265-3256. Anyone with questions about the incident is also asked to call that number.