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City of Dawsonville opens public playground at Main Street Park
Playground 1
On Tuesday, June 16, city officials welcomed the first group of youngsters to use the playground facility at Main Street Park, officially opening it to the public. - photo by Submitted

The playground area at Main Street Park in Dawsonville is now officially open. 

On the morning of Tuesday, June 16, city officials welcomed the first group of youngsters to use the playground facility, officially opening it to the public.

Playground 2

“We’re tickled to death to have the kids out there playing on it this morning,” Dawsonville Mayor Mike Eason said on Tuesday. “It’s just got so many different things they can use, it’s great — and we are very pleased that we were able to open it.

Prior to the playground's opening, Dawsonville City Manager Bob Bolz explained that cleaning measures have been taken and extra precautions have been put in place in preparation for the playground’s opening. 

“We have fog disinfected both the playground at Wallace Park and Main Street Park in an effort to sanitize it for use,” Bolz said. “We have installed hand sanitizer at both locations and a number of signs reference social distancing.” 

Playground 4
City officials including Dawsonville Mayor Mike Eason, City Council Members Steve Tolson and John Walden welcomed the first kids and families to the new playground on Tuesday, June 16.

The playground equipment will be wiped down at least once a day and more frequently if needed, according to Bolz. It will also be disinfected with fog periodically. But the number of people allowed to use the playground will not be limited for now, he said. 

“We are not limiting the number of users at any one time, but we are asking, via posted signs, that every one social distance and sanitize their hands,” Bolz said. 

The ADA access trail to the playground is not yet open due to the park’s restrooms, which are still under construction. 

“We anticipate the sidewalk portion of that project being completed soon and then we will open it,” Bolz said. “Currently, users can access the new playground through the double gate, and we have created a temporary bark walkway for use until we can get the paved sidewalk open.”

The playground’s hours will be 7 a.m. until to dusk, and already the park has been enjoyed by a number of people, according to Bolz.