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City, County honor employees of the year
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Each year both the city of Dawsonville and the county select one person for employee of the year and recognize them for both their dedication and hard work but also for their contributions to the citizens who live there.

This year Robin Roland, information technology coordinator at the Dawson County IT Department, was selected County Employee of the Year.

Roland has been working at the county for a little more than 10 years.
"It was an honor to be selected," Roland said.

Roland said she enjoys her work for the county because every day is different.

"It's always a surprise, I don't know what I'll be doing day-to-day," Roland said. "But I enjoy getting to work with all of the different departments and all of the great people who work for the county."

According to Dawson County Manager David Headley, the employee of the year is normally selected by the county manager, but this year Headley decided to let all of the senior staff submit the name of a candidate that they felt was most deserving of the award.

Headley said that Roland received the majority of the nominations for the honor because she will do whatever it takes to solve problems and get the job done.

"Robin is well deserving of the title," Headley said. "She is productive, punctual and consistently dependable, and she exhibits commitment to the quality of her work and all her responsibilities. She has the attitude that nothing is impossible."

Candidates did not have to be chosen from their own departments; they could recommend someone who works in another department.

The other nominees for the employee of the year were Kristi Hudson, Diane Callahan, Laurie Whalen, Joey Carder and Michelle Crane.

Headley said they will be recognized when the board of commissioners resume their meetings in January.

Trampas Hansard, public works operation manager at the city of Dawsonville, was selected as City Employee of the Year by Mayor James Grogan.

Hansard, a Dawson County native, has worked for the city for the past nine years.

Hansard said he was honored by the recognition and a little surprised at the nomination.

"I don't know why I was nominated, but I want to thank the Mayor for the recognition," Hansard said. "I'm just grateful to get to work with the people I do and the great community here in Dawsonville."

Hansard received many words of praise from his employer.

"Trampas was promoted to the position of Public Works Operations Manager this year," Grogan said. "While he had performed some of those duties before, he worked for the city water department prior to the promotion."

According to Grogan, Hansard has made great improvements to the city facilities this year.

"Hansard had the entire city hall painted inside and out," Grogan said. "He had the banks at city hall grassed and plans to put shrubs and things there. He plans to put a bathroom facility in the cemetery at the first part of the year. He's just done an overall fantastic job with public works and keeping the streets and city clean."