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Changes coming to Kilough Church Rd.
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Motorists are encouraged to avoid the Kilough Church Road-Ga. 400 crossing next week while the intersection is rerouted.

State Department of Transportation crews will be installing concrete medians and signs similar to those found at Beartooth Parkway and Ga. 400.

The work will be conducted between 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday through Thursday. Traffic delays are expected.

DOT District Engineer Todd McDuffie said the project is intended to improve safety at the crossing.

"Traffic engineers have studied the intersection and determined that removing the option for motorists to turn left from Kilough Church Road or cross Ga. 400 will improve safety on both roadways," McDuffie said.

"After a detailed review of traffic counts, traffic patterns and accident data we determined that changing Kilough Church Road to a right in only and right out only will improve safety and overall operation of both roadways."

The roadwork should be completed by Thursday afternoon, if weather permits.

"We also want to caution you to slow down and be extra cautious as people get used to this change," McDuffie said. "Your defensive driving skills - like slowing down, not tailgating and watching out for other drivers - always improve your safety and ours."

After the change, traffic on Kilough Church Road will be able to turn right onto or off Ga. 400.

Traffic will also be able to turn right to access the signals at Harmony Church Road or Hwy. 53 and make a U-turn to head in the opposite direction.

Traffic from Kilough Church Road will not be allowed to cross or turn left onto or off of Ga. 400.