Dawson County man charged in 2021 fatal Applebee’s fight case avoids trial
The Dawson County defendant’s trial would have otherwise started on June 5.
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Bowen Center for the Arts to host “Autumn Sparkle” quilt exhibit
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Starting on Aug. 28, 2020, the Bowen Center for the Arts will exhibit over 80 handmade quilts in its 2020 “Autumn Sparkle” quilt exhibit.

Beginning on Friday Aug. 28, the Bowen Center for the Arts will be exhibiting over 80 handmade quilts in its 2020 “Autumn Sparkle” quilt exhibit. 

The exhibit features quilts made by the members of the Heart in Hand Quilt Guild, a local club that makes homemade quilts and donates them to local nonprofits and domestic violence victims. While the club is in Dawson County, members are from Dawson, Hall, Lumpkin, Pickens and Forsyth. Each year, the Bowen holds an exhibit to showcase the club’s craftsmanship. 

“Each year, the Bowen welcomes back the heart in Hand Quilt Guild and their overwhelming display of hard work and talent,” a Bowen press release said. “We hope the Quilt Guild understands what a tremendous impact their art means and how far their efforts reach out especially in these reflective times.”

Quilters participating in this year’s show are Barbara Venable, Brenda Perez, Carol Comer, Deborah Raptis, Harriet Briscoe, Jackie Somerville, Jeanie Whitworth, Joan Peterson, Joan Sievenpiper, Julie Brinzo, Kat Tomiczek, Kay Stanley, Kim Banta, Liz Smith, Mary Kitchens, MaryBeth Tharp, Pam Haffner, Pat Melcher, Patricia Bourne, Regina Johnson, Renatta Dorman, Robin Correnti, Sandra Curle and Sylvia LaFalce. 

Guild members hold their meetings and workshops at the Bowen throughout the year, and in return they donate a raffle quilt to the Bowen each year, that each member of the guild helps to make. Anyone can purchase raffle tickets for $1 each or six for $5, this year’s drawing will be held on Dec. 8, 2020, with all proceeds going to the Bowen. 

The quilt exhibit will be on display until Oct. 22 and is free to attend. The Bowen is an open gallery, follows COVID-19 guidelines and is safe for visitors to come see the show. 

For more information on the show, visit the Bowen’s website at

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