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Bowen Center for the Arts kicks off “Smallest Little Art Show”
smallest art show winner
The winning piece of art from the Bowen's Smallest Little Art Show, "Natural Edge Segmented Bowl" by Allen Quandee from Jasper. (photo courtesy of the Bowen)

The Bowen Center for the Arts in Dawson County will host a juried art exhibition from now until Dec. 11, featuring 2D, 3D and photographic artworks. 

According to a Bowen press release, the “Smallest Little Art Show” consists of works under $150 and features the work of 73 artists from all over Georgia. 

smallest art show second place
Smallest Little Art Show second place winner, "#271" by Evalyn Mayes from Jasper. (photo courtesy of the Bowen)

“Awards were given after a panel of judges reviewed these beautiful works of fine art, wood, photography and sterling silver,” the release said. “Don’t miss this incredible show which continues to Dec. 11.” 

Show judges include multiple professional artists that have worked with the Bowen in the past, the release said. 

“The Bowen was honored to have their own business professionals review and choose from all these works,” the release said. “This great group are art center board members and liaisons from the past. They had fun being able to make the selections.” 

First place in the show went to Allen Quandee from Jasper for his turquoise and natural wood creation “Natural Edge Segmented Bowl”. Second place went to Evalyn Mayes from Jasper for her oil landscape #271, third place went to Tom Reed from Dawsonville for his photo on metal “Jekyll Island”. 

The Smallest Little Art Show features an announcement of the winners online, through the Bowen’s eBlast and on Facebook. The show is displayed at the Bowen at 334 Highway 9 N, and admission is free. 

“Don’t miss this stunning show of finely crafted works by artists hailing from Atlanta to Clayton,” the release said. “Some meld whimsy with skill, details to organics and precision in technique.” 

The 25 artists, from 12 cities in Georgia, included Godwin Kou, Veronique Ivanovic, Deborah Larsen, Ken Selzer, Dietrich Hoecht, Bert Grant, Gary Heffelfinger, Jim Fambrough, Donna Howard, Jason Fitzpatrick, Lance Huthwaite, Margaret Looney, Tom Reed, Dru Stowers, Meg Barclay, Constance Gerdts, Jill Haack, Frank McKay, Cynthia Todd, Marla Puziss, Gidge Dady, Ryan Johnson, Evalyn Mayes, Allen Quandee and Gail Watson. 

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