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Bowen Art Center spotlight: Brian Osgood captures memories through photography
I-BOWEN 4.jpg
Brian Osgood, a photographer based in north Georgia, prepares for his opening reception for his photography display at the Bowen Center for the Arts. - photo by Jessica Taylor

Local photographer Brian Osgood will showcase his photography at the Bowen Art Center Friday, March 6 until the 21.

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Local photographer Brian Osgood is the March spotlight artist at the Bowen Center for the Arts. - photo by Jessica Taylor

“I’ve been a photographer since I was about 6 years old… This is showing the best of my 60 years of life. I tried to pick 60 images for my 60 years out of the 100,000 plus images I have,” Osgood said at the gallery on Friday.

Osgood’s passion for photography started as a child when he wanted to save vacation memories by taking pictures, as he saw his father and grandfather do. This interest in preserving the past spiraled into what would become his career.

“I decided to go to school at the Art Institute of Atlanta,” Osgood said. “While I was there I met a guy, Bob English, who was opening a slide processing lab in Atlanta, there wasn’t one at the time. He opened that in 1979 and a friend of mine was working there who wanted to go home for Christmas. He told Bob I would cover for him for the month of December. Then I was there for 24 years.” 

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Brian Osgood shows off a film camera he has used to create unique photographs on display at the Bowen Center for the Arts. - photo by Jessica Taylor

Throughout his years of photography, Osgood adapted to changes of cameras and equipment, and experimented with many different photography styles. His exhibit at the Bowen showcases many of these styles and among the displays, there’s something for everyone.

I-BOWEN 3.jpg
Local photographer Brian Osgood shows off one of his photographs on display in the Bowen Center for the Arts in Dawsonville. - photo by Jessica Taylor

In one direction there will be slides of architecture across the world, in another, concert shots of bands from the 70’s and 80’s, and another holds an artistic take on forks.

But something that can be seen throughout his work is his interesting use of light and motion.

“I do a lot of manipulating in the darkroom and in the cameras, I did a lot of film use back in the day and of course digital now. I also do a lot of blurred stuff with moving the camera,” Osgood said.

Osgood is not a stranger to the Bowen and this is not his first show at the Dawsonville art hub.

“I do things like project old slides on the wall and put different things in front of them, I showed most of those here about 10 years ago. I did two shows here, this one and that one. This is kinda like my last hurrah, I don’t know if I’ll ever do this again, maybe if I turn 80,” Osgood said.

When viewed as a whole, Osgood’s collection of photos is not only a showcase of his talent and artistic vision, but an endless journey of moments from his life, frozen in time.

“Remembering where you shot them makes them pretty special,” Osgood said.