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Board of Elections member retires
Board of Elections
Dawson County Board of Elections and Registration Chief Registrar and Chairwoman Glenda Ferguson presents a proclamation to retiring board member Spencer Maddux, who served on the board as a Democrat for 13 years and eight months. He retired from the board after its March 22 meeting. - photo by Allie Dean

Spencer Maddux retired earlier this month after serving 13 years and eight months on the Dawson County Board of Elections and Voter Registration.

His fellow board members celebrated his time on the board after their regular meeting March 22.

“It’s been a lot of pleasure for me to be on the board and I am certainly in admiration of all the people that have been on the board and are now for the wonderful work y'all do at making sure the elections work properly and smoothly in Dawson County,” Maddux said. “I’ll miss being with y'all but it’s been a lot of fun.”

Chairwoman Glenda Ferguson read a proclamation for Maddux, who had most recently served as vice chair.

“(Maddux) has been a committed member to excellence and competence by maintaining the highest level of knowledge and expertise in the elections process [and] has been instrumental in the schematics, design and placement of directional exterior voting signage that board members appreciated and depended on,” she read. “Though the board of elections and registration will miss (Maddux’s) presence on this board, we wish the best in his future endeavors.”

Maddux remarked on the changes he had seen in the county since he started on the board. When Maddux first served on the board, they met at the old courthouse in the center of town.

“Sure has been a lot of change hasn’t it? This county is on the map now,” he said.  

The Board of Elections and Voter Registration became a combined board in 1998. It is comprised of five members, with two from the Republican Party and two from the Democratic Party. Maddux was a Democratic Party member.

The fifth position is held by the chief registrar who acts as chairperson of the board. Each member serves four year terms.

The other board members are Katrina Holbrook, Dan Pichon and Dale Holland.

Pichon, a Republican member of the board since 2002, suggested that Maddux join the board in 2004.

“He is a gentleman and you can’t ask for anything more to be on this board. You’ve got to be able to compromise and work with the group,” Pichon said.

“Especially if you’re a Democrat,” Maddux joked.