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Bear breaks into vehicle, steals lunch at Big Canoe
6 Bear steals lunch pic
Cleaning service workers at Big Canoe received a shock when they found their lunch being eaten by a mother bear and her cubs. - photo by For the Dawson Community News

A Big Canoe business owner received quite a shock last month when he found his lunch being eaten by a bear.

Squeaky Clean window service owner Gilbert Simpson said that his employees were on a job in the subdivision that straddles the Dawson/Pickens County lines, when they discovered that their vehicle had been broken into.

"My guys were at a customer's house in Big Canoe cleaning windows when they looked out and [a mother bear] was taking lunch to her cubs," Simpson said.

The bear had climbed into the vehicle through an open window and was going through the workers' lunches.

"She made a few trips in and out of the truck. And then on the last lunch box she ate it herself and downed three grape sodas," Simpson said. "She knew what she was doing."

According to Simpson, the bear did not damage the vehicle and was never a threat to the workers.