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Authorities urge caution during summer months
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As the summer months approach and families are outside enjoying the weather, local authorities want to remind the community to be cautious and stay safe.

Lt. Ray Goodie, commander of the Dawson County Sheriff’s criminal investigations division, said to use common sense when visiting the lake, the rivers or the local parks by locking car doors or securing belongings in the trunk.

“If I’m going to the lake or the river to go swimming, all I’m taking with me is my keys and driver’s license. If you don’t need anything else, leave it at home,” Goodie said. “That way someone’s not going to walk by your car, see a pocketbook in the front seat and break out your window to take it.”

Authorities saw a rash of entering auto reports last summer beginning around the time school let out for the summer.

Goodie said patrols have been increased to combat such crimes.

“With school out, our school resource officers, along with our crime suppression unit, are going to concentrate on areas like the outlet mall, the lake, the parks,” Goodie said. “We’re going to put those people in those areas, which should deter the majority of the problems.”