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Arrest Report: Dec. 11, 2019
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Dec. 4

Carl Dwayne Atkins, 42, Gainesville: Failure to comply/DRC.

Christopher Alexander Bouton, 20, Dahlonega: Driving while license suspended/revoked, too fast for conditions, reckless driving, passing within 20 feet of oncoming traffic, passing on hill or curve, passing in a no passing zone.

Charles Nicholas Butterworth, 41, Dawsonville: Serving county sentence.

Jose Ledesma Hernandez, 34, Dawsonville: Serving county sentence.

Bradley Caine Wells, 21, Dawsonville: Serving county sentence.

Dec. 5

Kareem Amon Bishop, 35, Dawsonville: Charges pending.

Edna Gail Cooper, 53, Dawsonville: Serving county sentence, probation violation/felony.

Rori Danielle Crutchfield, 37, Dawsonville: Serving county sentence.

Susan Carol Hughes, 38, Dawsonville: Serving county sentence.

Kristin Jana Keller, 36, Dawsonville: Probation violation/misdemeanor.

Jackson Gray Morgan, 23, Gainesville: Serving county sentence.

Edward Leon Nelson, 54, Dawsonville: Exploits/threatens/intimidates a disabled or elderly person, theft by deception.

Kendrick Lamar Wyche, 27, Dawsonville: Serving county sentence, driving while license suspended/revoked.

Dec. 6

Howell Fred Gentry, 56, Dawsonville: Deposit account fraud.

Baltazar Gomez, 36, Gainesville: Driving without license.

Steven Anthony Mulkey, 42: Failure to comply/Juvenile Court.

Charles Lamarr Pritchett, 58, Dawsonville: Holding/supporting wireless telecommunications device, DUI/alcohol, no brake lights or working turn signals.

Dec. 7

Katherine Louise Banister, 48, Dawsonville: Hold for other agency.

Chad Adam Blackwell, 53, Gainesville: Driving while license suspended/revoked, suspended vehicle registration.

Dylan Brent Cain, 21, Dawsonville: Failure to comply/Treatment Court.

Guy Lee Hendrix, 46, Tucker: Disorderly conduct.

Dec. 8

John Scott Gooch, 38, Cumming: Theft by shoplifting.

Rafael Martinez Mireles, 39, Dawsonville: Holding/supporting wireless device, DUI/alcohol.

Alicia Ann Phillips, 32, Cumming: Failure to comply/Pre-trial.

Dec. 9

Lance Leon Ellis, 43, Dawsonville: Two counts probation violation/felonies.

Andrew Blake Flowers, 20, Dawsonville: First degree burglary.

Edward Brian Futral, 24, Cumming: Charges pending.

Brendan Jack Hand, 30, Cleveland: Criminal attempt, theft by shoplifting.

Christopher Steven Hand, 29, Gainesville: Bench warrant/failure to appear in court.

Daniel John Nelson, 21, Cumming: Terroristic threats, aggravated assault/family violence, third degree cruelty to children, second degree criminal damage to property.

Caleb Duncan Stewart, 28, Dawsonville: Charges pending.

Dec. 10

Jamie Maryanne Croy, 30, Cumming: Probation violation/felony.