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Arrest Report August 22
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Aug. 13

Tristian Naudas Cook, 20, Dawsonville: Probation violation/felony.

Jennifer Lynn Fulford, 35, Dahlonega: Bench warrant/failure to appear in court.

Robin Michele Gunnels, 50, Blairsville: Failure to comply.

John Hamilton Hatcher, 34, Ball Ground: Here for court.

Brian Lopez, 20, Dawsonville: Pedestrian under the influence.

Leonard Lee Markham Jr., 55, Jasper: Probation violation/misdemeanor.

Leland Edward Savage, 55, Homer: Bench warrant/failure to appear in court.

Kibrom T. Yohannes, 36, Fresno, Calif.: Failure to comply.

Aug. 14

James Jeffrey Harrison, 55, Dawsonville: Battery/family violence.

Steven Tyler Miller Sr., 54, Dawsonville: Probation violation/felony.

Donald Kenneth Perry, 50, Alpharetta: DUI/alcohol.

Grant Francis Scherruble, 39, Athens: Probation violation/felony.

Christian Avery Seay, 20, Dawsonville: Probation violation/misdemeanor.

Aug. 15

Robert Thomas Barrett, 19, Dawsonville: Failure to comply.

Pete Chambers Jr., 49, Cumming: Probation violation/felony.

David Cruz-Sanchez, 26, Hamlet, N.C.: Driving while license expired.

Gerald Herbert Dingler, 39, Dawsonville: Failure to comply.

John Bradley Dinzole, 36, Gainesville: Open container violation, DUI/drugs, no brake lights or working turn signals.

Peter John Fenton Jr., 21, Dawsonville: Failure to comply.

Kyle Matthew Jones, 26, Gainesville: Hold for other agency.

Harvey Mason Leahey, 18, Cleveland: Bench warrant/failure to appear in court.

Don Duran Richardson, 20, Dawsonville: Failure to comply.

Justin Blake York, 21, Dawsonville: Failure to comply.

Aug. 16

John Melvin Fontenot, 45, Colmesneil, Texas: Contributing to delinquency of a minor, aggravated assault, false imprisonment, aggravated sodomy, incest, furnishing/purchasing/possession alcohol underage, sexual exploitation of children, sexual battery.

Barbara Angelica-Gail Grizzle, 25, Dahlonega: Bench warrant/failure to appear in court.

Connie Marie Hopeck, 60, Dawsonville: Report accident with damage/person injury.

Wesley Allen Pruitt, 43, Dawsonville: Possession of marijuana less than one ounce, failure to stop for stop sign.

Jonathan Bailey Shook, 22, Murrayville: Theft by deception.

Aug. 17

Christopher Lee Archer, 22, Dawsonville: Failure to comply.

Natasha Renee Colson, 36, Murrayville: Serving county sentence.

Aug. 18

Christopher Charles Mendes, 46, Gainesville: Probation violation/felony, obstruction of officer, false name/date of birth, possession of marijuana less than one ounce, two counts possession of a controlled substance, two counts manufacture/sale/distribution of false ID document, two counts crossing guard lines with weapon/drugs/intoxicants.

Joseph Nathan Smith Jr., 49, Dawsonville: Driving without license, DUI/alcohol, failure to maintain lane, no brake lights or working turn signals.

William Matthew Smith, 31, Dawsonville: Failure to comply.

Aug. 19

Christopher Michael McCleary, 45, Cumming: Speeding, DUI/alcohol.

Ronald David Oldham, 59, Murraryville: Obedience to traffic control device, hit and run, DUI/drugs less safe, failure to maintain lane, following too closely.