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Arrest made in relation to escaped convict

Dawson County Sheriff's Office arrested Donny Cooper Akins of Cumming May 30 in connection with the recent escape of Jeremy Pruitt-Akins.

Donny, who is reported to be the uncle of Jeremy, was charged with one count of Aiding Escape, which is a felony under Georgia law.

Akins was the authorized driver responsible for transporting Jeremy Pruitt-Akins to his place of employment and returning him back to custody after his shift was over. According to warrants issued for his arrest, Akins did not return his nephew to police custody, instead transporting him to Gainesville so he could leave the state.

This arrest is the latest step in the hunt for Pruitt-Akins after he fled over Memorial Day weekend.

Donny was released on May 31 after posting a $5,000 bond.