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Annual Leap for Literacy set for Saturday
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As cold as it has been recently, you'd think the community would be running toward warmer locales.

But instead, dozens of volunteers are planning to take a plunge in the freezing water of Lake Lanier on Saturday.

The fifth annual Leap for Literacy is scheduled to be held at 10:30 a.m. on Feb. 21 at War Hill Park's boat ramp.

The event benefits Dawson County WEE Books, a program developed to put age-appropriate books in the hands of preschool children.

Supporters will raise money to purchase books for local children. The jumpers will come dressed in costumes and ready to give a performance to entice the judges, who will be on hand to give awards for various categories.

"It always turns out to be a surprise. We're never really certain what the people will be doing," said Lionel Graves, WEE Books chairman.

For the first time, leapers this year will receive a T-shirt commemorating their jumps.

WEE Books is currently serving about 750 children, who receive an age appropriate book each month until they turn five years old. The books are free to participants, though fundraisers like the lake leap support the cause.

"We believe there are about 1,200 children that we serve in the county," Graves said.

Events like Leap for Literacy, in addition to raising funds, also serve as a springboard to spotlight the free book program.

"The problem we have is that unless we physically sign people up...most people assume that there's some catch," Graves said. "So we have a big problem convincing people that this is really, really free."

For more information about WEE Books or the Leap for Literacy event, call (706) 216-0173.