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Aging water main set to be replaced
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Etowah Water and Sewer Authority plans to replace an aging water main near War Hill Park Road next week.

General Manager Brooke Anderson said there will be little disruption to customers during the weeklong construction project that is set to begin Monday.

"We'll have to reroute and move water around to minimize disruption," he said.

The water main on Hwy. 53 East between Sundown Subdivision and War Hill Park Road has been repaired numerous times in recent years.

"We had two major breaks in the main this year alone," he said. "We know it's just a matter of time before it breaks again, so we're moving ahead with our on-call, emergency contractor, Townley Construction, to replace the main quickly before it breaks again."

The water line was originally installed on blast rock, which means the lines sit on top of the rock. The new line will utilize the same trench but with improvements to bed the line properly, according to Anderson.

"This is our only feed into the War Hill Park Road area, and every time this main breaks, we have so many customers impacted," Anderson said.

Traffic will not be stalled during the construction phase that is expected to last less than a week.