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Acid attack survivor discusses ‘flawed system that works’ at briefing on domestic violence
Christy Sims speaks Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2018, at Brenau University during the Hall County Domestic Violence Task Force Domestic Violence Breakfast and Briefing. Sims was severely disfigured in 2013 when her ex-boyfriend doused her with sulfuric acid. She is now the President of the Christy Sims Foundation to help prevent intimate partner violence by providing community-based education and awareness programs for young adults. - photo by Scott Rogers
Christy Sims said she had no idea someone in her house would be plotting against her. As she was getting closer to achieving her master’s degree, her ex-boyfriend was feeling like she was growing apart from him, she said. “He decided that, ‘You know what. She doesn’t want to marry me. She’s backing away from me. I’m going to make her so ugly that no one’s going to want her,’” she said. After having acid thrown on her face and body in April 2013, 13 reconstructive surgeries and a trial that put that man in jail, Sims, of Atlanta, spoke in front of Hall County law enforcement and advocates against domestic violence about the “flawed system that works.”