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At 95 years old, Hilda Bell carves out time making wood come to life
Wood carving 1
Hilda Bell observes one of her carvings Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2019, at Lanier Village Estates. Bell has dedicated her later life to art and has been wood carving since the 1980s. - photo by Scott Rogers
Hilda Bell is not a whittler or a woodworker, she’s a woodcarver, and she’s made that clear over the last 39 years. Since retiring from nursing in 1980, she’s looked for ways to stay busy. She’s run the gamut of your typical hobbies: painting, knitting and crocheting, but never found much enjoyment in those things. Bell, a Lanier Village Estates resident, decided to pick up woodcarving. “I picked it up right away, quick and in a hurry,” said Bell, 95, sitting in a recliner in her home, surrounded by wood carvings she’s done over the years. “And the teacher said I was quite fast and quite prolific, too, because I did three times as much in those first three weeks than the other people in the class did.”