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51st annual Mountain Moonshine Festival this weekend
A-Moonshine Festival pic1
Spectators at the 49th annual Mountain Moonshine Festival watched as the motorcar parade made its way through downtown and around the historic Dawsonville courthouse early Saturday. - photo by Allie Dean Dawson County News
The 51st annual Mountain Moonshine Festival is hitting downtown Dawsonville this weekend. Rain or shine, organizers have planned for an amazing festival full of local flavor, from car shows to handmade crafts to family friendly games. This year’s festival comes with some changes that K.A.R.E. for Kids Interim President Rhonda Goodwin says will hopefully make the festival-going experience much more enjoyable for all. Ensuring traffic flows smoothly has been the main goal for Goodwin for this year’s festival. “As a whole it’s very, very pleasant. What makes it unpleasant sometimes is the difficulty getting in and getting out,” Goodwin said. “My goal this year was to make it easy to get in because once you’re in everyone’s going to enjoy it.”