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272 housing units on Hwy. 53 denied
Developments didnt fit future land use plan
A-Housing Development Denied pic
Betty Pfister, center left, celebrates the commissions decision to deny 95 townhomes that would have been built near her home on Hwy. 53 on Hughes Court. - photo by Allie Dean Dawson County News
The Dawson County Board of Commissioners had its final say in one developer's fight to bring 95 townhomes and 177 single family homes to Hwy. 53 East near the Tractor Supply. In a unanimous vote, the commission denied two rezoning requests submitted by the Dekalb-based developer, effectively stopping plans to build homes in the area in the immediate future. The developer, Bill Evans Jr., and the law firm that represents him submitted three applications in July, proposing to rezone the properties so that they could build housing and a commercial building on the busy section of road between Beartooth Parkway and where Dawson Forest Road runs into Hwy. 53.