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You can’t even trust the catfish these days
Dick Yarbrough
You would figure that as a purebred and proud son of the South, I would know all there is to know about catfish. I have caught them, been poked in the thumb by their barbs and have eaten copious amounts of them, usually with hushpuppies (Note to newly arrived Yankees: We aren’t talking footwear here. We are talking about cornmeal batter rolled into a little ball and deep-fried, preferably in lard. By the way, if you intend to live amongst us, you had better get used to lard. It is one of our major food groups, along with pecans and sweet tea). So, you can imagine my surprise when I read that former NBA star Ray Allen went to court in Orlando recently, asking for a motion to dismiss claims that he was stalking another man. In fact, Allen said he was the victim and was being catfished by this man, who says, no, Allen was stalking him. When the subject is catfish, it is hard to know who to believe.