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Where would we be without our mothers?
Dick Yarbrough
Don’t look now, but Sunday is Mother’s Day. Actually, I’m just kidding. You are free to look all you want as soon as you and I are finished here. Whether we are liberal or conservative; black or white; rich or poor; speak English or habla Espanol; live in God’s Country (aka Georgia) or are from up north where all the buildings are rusted and it snows 10 months a year, we share one thing in common: We all have or have had a mother. There is a lot of weird stuff happening these days, but I don’t think we have found a way yet to birth babies without one. At least I hope not. I don’t want to think of a world without mommas. I am an authority on mothers. I am married to one and the father of one, the grandfather of one and hope to be — sooner rather than later — the grandfather of two.