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We church-goers don't always walk our talk
Dick Yarbrough
I am occasionally asked to present the weekly lesson in my Sunday School class. I do it with the clear understanding that everyone in class accepts the fact that I need the lesson’s messages worse than they do. I am Methodist by birth and by the grace of God and my momma. The Methodist Church was founded by John Wesley along with his brother, Charles, in England. The Wesley brothers spent time in the Savannah area during the period that Gen. James Oglethorpe was busy organizing the colony of Georgia and making sure we would always be the largest state east of the Mississippi River, and one day would contain the oldest state-chartered university in the nation with an abundance of Rhodes Scholars and No. 1 NFL draft choices. To say he was successful would be a gross understatement. The most recent lesson in which I talked to myself and invited everyone else to listen in was about acting like Christians instead of claiming to be one. There is a big difference. We Christians can be a petty, judgmental and downright hypocritical crowd when we choose to be, which is a lot more times than God would like. We forget that it is not how we act on Sunday morning that counts, it is how we behave the rest of the week.