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To a new year, a new life and an old man’s wisdom
Dick Yarbrough
Dear Cameron Charles Yarbrough: As has been my custom this time of year, I was about to impart some of an old man’s wisdom to my one and only great-grandson, but there has been a new development. Henry Sanford Wansley decided to make an appearance. (And on New Year’s Day!) Two great-grandsons. Too good to be true – but it is. As of this writing, I have not yet met Henry, but I hope to rectify that situation soon. Here’s hoping he likes what he sees. Like it or not, he is stuck with me. I come with the family. Let me start with a caveat: Great-grandparents are located down the food chain, behind parents and grandparents. Even after all these years, I am still not sure what my role is supposed to be. I hope I am not considered competition, but I have lived longer, experienced more and age has given me a perspective they do not yet have. Plus, I helped raise two of the grandparents. That alone gives me primacy in the advice-dispensing department.