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Letter to the Editor: Tax reform isn't easy
The Senate is about to vote on their version of the tax bill, which passed the House two weeks ago. When both houses have finished voting we will have a new tax structure. But the problem is that what has been proposed by both houses of Congress is a scam. The bill cuts taxes for the wealthy while it decreases funding for Medicare, Medicaid, Public Education, Pell Grants, SNAP, Higher Education, health care and more. They say the huge tax cuts given to the wealthy will “trickle down” to the rest of America—that theory doesn’t work, and never has. Since the first time it was tried under Reagan, the gap between the wealthy and regular Americans has grown. More people didn’t get better paying jobs and most of the money has gone to wealthy shareholders. What we will have with this tax bill is a total American oligarchy run by the wealthiest in America. Republicans are giving the likes of Sheldon Adelson and Charles Koch a huge tax cut as a “thank you” for spending millions of dollars to help them get elected.