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Some random thoughts on some random subjects from rocket ships to Ray Charles Robinson
Dick Yarbrough
I doubt this kind of stuff keeps you awake at night but there was a great hue-and-cry in the state Senate when Sen. Renee Untermann, R-Buford, was removed as chair of the prestigious Senate Health and Human Services Committee and assigned to head the Senate Science and Technology Committee, which is akin to going from the political penthouse to the legislative outhouse. Untermann insinuates it was because she is female. From multiple sources in both the House and Senate (including females), I am told it was because of her bullying tactics during the last session when she was so sure Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle was going to be elected governor. She ruffled a lot of feathers in the process. Still, all is not lost. If Georgia ever decides to send a rocket ship to the moon, she’ll be in the catbird seat.