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Sharing a great-grandson’s visit to Lego heaven
Dick Yarbrough
I’m not sure I will ever qualify for the heaven owned and operated by God, but I have been to the Lego store in Rockefeller Center in New York. That was about as heavenly an experience as this sinner could ever hope for. Cameron Charles Yarbrough, who gives special meaning to the word “great” as in great-grandson, is a Lego fanatic. You name it and he has built it. Maybe twice. For reasons perhaps known only to him, he recently constructed a Lego version of the Sphinx. Just what every family needs — a Lego Sphinx. Cameron recently turned 10 years old and I figured the best way to reward him for the joy and happiness he has brought to my life was to take him to New York to visit the epicenter of the Lego world. The trip would include his first airplane ride and his first excursion outside of the South, unless you count his major tête-à-tête in Washington last summer with Georgia’s senior senator, Johnny Isakson. (The lad does get around. When I was his age, I was still learning to tie my shoes.)