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Round one of primaries over. On to round two.
Dick Yarbrough
As the legendary Hall of Fame catcher and all-around philosopher Yogi Berra once observed: “It ain’t over till it’s over.” He could have been talking about the 2018 Georgia primaries. A lot of would-be candidates got sent to the sidelines by voters on May 22, but now We the Unwashed are looking at runoffs on July 24. It ain’t over yet. Just think, gang — eight more weeks of self-serving ads, robocalls at suppertime and slick mailing pieces with which to line our birdcages. Once the runoffs are over, we will then have only about 15 weeks or so for more self-serving ads, more robocalls at suppertime and a ton or two of additional birdcage material. I call this good news because when we get past November, we should have a year or so of respite before we have to start the whole thing over again. At least it beats tanks in the street and hard-eyed mullahs telling us who we must vote for. (“Hi, this is Mullah Fazook calling and asking you to vote for my good friend, Ishtar Badabohm, who is running for Supreme Holy Spiritual Leader. We would greatly appreciate your vote and you would probably appreciate keeping the fingers on your hand since we will chop them off if you think you have a choice. Thanks for your time.”)