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Questions now make sense
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My wife and I came through and did some shopping recently at the outlet mall.

It was close to her birthday and I stopped into a jewelry store just to look around. The staff could interpret my mumbling and we came to a nice selection.

I made my purchase and answered all the questions: Name, address, phone, all of which seems to be a hassle.

About 30 minutes or so later I get a phone call and of course I can't get to my phone before it quit ringing.

I checked the number and it's Dawsonville.

I called back and it was the jewelry store.

The sales clerk asked me if I'd left anything (and these days I'm lucky to walk out with my purchase).

I did the pat down and had my phone, money clip, license holder and my packages.

I was murmuring all of this to her and said I don't see anything and she said: "Well how about you clip."

I pulled it out and a $100 bill was missing.

She said you were the last customer and we ran your name down so we are holding this for you.

I made my way over and it turned out to be $160!

They would accept no tip, only a thank you; I couldn't even get them to let me buy them a Coke.

I appreciate the honest people working there and hope their decency is something we can pass along to one another.

Next time you're asked all the checkout questions those few moments may come back to be in your favor...I now realize it.

Hugh "Bo" Burgess

Resaca, Ga.