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On Friday nights this fall, don’t forget the marching band
Dick Yarbrough
OK, the lazy days of summer are gone and school is back in session. Even before classes began, many of our high school kids were already busy practicing in the searing Georgia sun getting themselves in shape, working on their moves, practicing their formations, getting their uniforms issued and ready for Friday Night Lights across the state. Football? Nope. Marching bands. Some will take issue with this, but I generally know what I am talking about when I opine on any and all subjects. Not marching bands. I can’t play a musical instrument (unless you count the ukulele, on which I do a mean rendition of “Sweet Betsy from Pike"). Add walking five steps forward, two steps sideways and three steps back while playing the theme from “Star Wars” on a trombone and I could wreak havoc worse than a hard-charging linebacker.