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Nothing divine about having to wait for election results
Dick Yarbrough
Because of a finite deadline, I won’t be commenting on the election results in Georgia until next week since some of you will see this before the election and some afterward. But not to worry. As I have noted previously, American humorist Will Rogers used to say, “I don’t make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts.” Me, too. There will plenty of jokes going forward after the results are in. No matter the outcome or the party, the government is the government and a politician is a politician. In the meantime, I have been analyzing Dante Alighieri’s classic poem, the “Divine Comedy.” (How is that for a nifty segue. Jokes? Comedy? Is this guy good or what?) Actually, I have discovered that the “Divine Comedy” isn’t funny at all. It would be appropriate to compare it to Bill Maher and Kathy Griffith, who call themselves comedians but who aren’t funny, either.