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North or south of the Macon-Dixon Line, Georgia is the perfect place to be
Dick Yarbrough
Maybe your work is sun to sun, but my work is never done. If I am not giving the folks at the International Monetary Fund some tips on global financial policy or continuing my groundbreaking research on why broccoli will turn your ears green unless you eat copious amounts of banana pudding, I am now dealing with the possibility of secession in Georgia. Didn’t we do this once before, you ask? And didn’t we discover that secession was not a particularly good idea since our side had a lot of cotton balls and the other side had a lot of cannon balls and we found out the hard way that cannon balls can do a lot more permanent damage? And then didn’t we have to deal with an influx of carpetbaggers who looked down their noses at us but decided to stay because this is the only place where they can find good pecan pie? So, what is going on with this secession talk again?