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Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle should have winked more and talked less
Dick Yarbrough
Dear Casey: Well, so much for that coronation. Jeepers Creepers. Give me $10.5 million in campaign contributions and the endorsement of one of our most popular governors in recent times and I could have gotten Cameron Charles Yarbrough elected Pope. Instead, with all that money, Gov. Nathan Deal’s endorsement, very high name recognition, two decades of collecting politics IOUs and an early and sizable lead in the polls, you barely got a third of the vote in the Republican primary runoff in Georgia and less than 50 percent in your home county of Hall. Unbelievable. If you want to know how you lost the race, go look in the mirror. Your opponent, Secretary of State Brian Kemp, didn’t win the runoff as much as you lost it. Much has been made of Kemp’s television ads where he intimidates a little dweeb who wants to date his daughter by reminding him that he has a gun in his lap. I was hoping the little dweeb would tell Kemp that he, too, had a gun and was bad-prone to kneecap trash-talking daddies that got on his nerves.