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When a vote for is a vote against
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Occasionally over the last year or two I have written a column titled the “Crisis of Common Sense” or “The Continuing Crisis.”


As we look around us at the current state of affairs in our nation, and especially in light of the upcoming election, I believe it is only fitting to title this message “The Worsening Crisis.”


Regardless of which ticket you are supporting, the good news is that the longest Presidential election campaign in memory will be over on Nov. 5 (let’s hope).


The bad news is no matter who wins, with the happenings of the last few months and years, our country will most likely never be the same. The economy, energy prices, terror threats, government spending and entitlements that arguably can never be paid back, along with a bubbles in every conceivable asset type bursting, will give the next occupant of the oval office a true trial by fire.


Change has been the buzzword and slogan of Democratic nominee Barack Hussein Obama. Change “we can count on” he says. Well friends, I can tell you that this is one instance that “change” for changes sake will lead to an America we have never known, one unrecognizable to our founders or those who fought and died for this country.  Therefore the wrong choice truly will lead to a worsening crisis.


If Barack Hussein Obama claimed to be a mechanic, you wouldn’t want him anywhere near your car.


Several years ago there was an ad on television by a national transmission repair store that emphasized the importance of experience. It featured a comparison between their trained professionals working in a clean well equipped shop to another establishment. The other establishment was run by Boss Bubba and Junior Bubba in less than adequate facilities.


The lack of experience was evident and concern about allowing them to repair his car clear when the customer ask Boss Bubba the question: “do you repair transmissions?” Immediately Jr. Bubba piped up “I always wanted to try to fix a transmission. Fellow citizens of the United States, this is precisely the script that is playing out right now to determine the next leader of the free world.




Let’s look at the qualifications of Barack Hussein Obama, the one who would, in his own words “Change the world:”


Terms in United States Senate: Still in first


Days actually served in United States Senate: about 300


Military experience: none


Executive experience: none


Time running a business: none


Major occupation held: community organizer


His understanding of American geography:  He’s visited “57 or 58” States in the Union (with Alaska and Hawaii to go.)


His religion:  “Muslim- no I mean Christian” ( George Stephanopoulos show ) — I guess that would count as not sure




Here is just a short list of candidate Barack Hussein Obama’s promises and or positions:


First campaign promise: use only Federal  funds


First campaign promise broken: passed on Federal funds to raise a record $600 million so far


His answer to the gas crisis: properly inflated tires


His answer to the financial crisis: raise taxes on the few still left paying them


His answer to creating more jobs: raise taxes on those who create them.


His understanding of the 2nd amendment: only criminals should have guns

Conditions for dialog with terrorist’s nations or groups: none or like Motel 6 –  “We’ll leave the light on for you”


Most liberal voting record in the US Senate since his arrival


You are known by the company you keep No. 1 – The fruits:


William Ayers is not a household name unless your interests are anarchy, bombs and communism. But to Barak Hussein Obama ( hereafter BHO), the self-professed “unrepentant terrorist” is not only a friend, but one of his original political supporters, hosting a meet-and-greet for BHO at his Chicago home when he first ran for Illinois State Senate. Asked to comment on his buddy’s book, BHO called it “searing and timely.” How touching. BHO even wrote a blurb for his book.


This is the budding “author” who when asked in 2001 if he had any regrets about setting off bombs at police stations said: “I don’t regret setting bombs- I don’t think we did enough!” Do you realize that just by having been with this man in any capacity would prohibit one a security clearance for most federal positions at even the lowest level! I wonder what position he can expect in a BHO cabinet: Secretary of the Defense? Question for BHO. How do you fight terrorism when your friend is a terrorist? Oh yeah, he’s not a friend “he’s just a guy in the neighborhood” Another question for BHO. How do we know you don’t believe like your neighbor?


You are known by the company you keep No. 2 – The Nuts:


To most of us the word acorn defines a non-edible nut. But to BHO, ACORN means much more. Maybe even his ticket to the Presidency. ACORN stands for Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now aka: the largest radical group in America according to some.


So to what credit do we owe to this group for which BHO was once a “leadership trainer?” Well how about the largest effort at widespread coordinated voter fraud ever perpetrated on a nation –ours ! The FBI is investigating the so called “voter-registration” efforts of this group in important swing states like Ohio, where non Ohio residents have been driven in, registered and voted. Confessions have been made by those who for considerations have early voted dozens of times already. So fond is BHO of these trampler’s of our constitutional voting rights that his campaign has given them $800,000 for “staging efforts.” Make no mistake, this taxpayer funded group and criminal enterprise IS BHO’s get out the vote effort. This group is also interested in housing. So much so that their fingerprints are all over the sub-prime mortgage debacle we are all hoping to recover from in that they pushed Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae to lend to area’s and borrowers unable to repay their loans.  And what will be there reward? As promised by BHO, he said he wants “all of you (ACORN) to shape the agenda.”  Good grief.


Joe the plumber stumbles on the truth:


Joe Wurzelbacher (aka Joe the Plumber) had no idea that a simple question for a candidate at an Ohio political rally would make him a media celebrity. But it did.


You see Joe says he hopes to be able to buy the plumbing company he works for and grow the business. When he asked BHO why he would tax him and basically deny him the right to make a better future for himself, BHO replied that he wanted to help those behind him have a chance too. Sounds innocent enough until you realize, as Joe did, that BHO was advocating a socialist doctrine.


BHO has confirmed this when he says he wants to “spread the wealth.” Spread the wealth as in re-distribute the wealth, as in Socialism!  BHO has promised the middle class he will not raise their taxes. He also promised to take only federal funds for his campaign. That promise lasted but a few months.  Joe the Plumber said he was “scared for America” when he met BHO. So am I Joe. 


Never has anyone said so little so well.


There is little argument that BHO is a great speaker and motivator of people. Tall, and articulate, he clearly can play to both the hopes and fears of those who support him. The only problem with his shtick is that, that is all it is, a gimmick.


BHO is a modern day snake oil salesman that P.T. Barnham would admire.  I believe that BHO’s vision of America is closer to Communist Russia than it is to the America we love. I agree with Joe the plumber that BHO scares me. He should scare you too. What he stands for should scare you. The people and groups he has associated himself with should scare you. And the thought that one who has done so little could be so close to this high of office should scare you.


We have a choice


Many claim that a vote for Sen. John McCain is a vote for the status quo, a vote for the Bush policies that many believe have been wrong. Now let me say that I don’t agree with all that President Bush has done or everything that Senator McCain advocates. But I, like you, will never agree with 100 percent of what any President does.


We also need to get past the idea that a vote for BHO is a vote against Bush.


You can look high and low and you will not find George Bush’s name on the ballot. Therefore that gives us only one choice if we care about this country, our future, and our children’s future. That choice is Senator John McCain.


I believe that Sen. McCain has the knowledge, experience, character, and gumption to be the next commander in chief. He has proven himself in war and peace and shown himself to be independent in his thinking and actions. He believes in and has risked his life for our country and constitution. He has served for 22 years in the Senate after serving four years in the House of Representatives and earned the respect of those on both sides.


He spent five years as a POW in Vietnam, even passing up the chance to leave earlier than those who had been their longer, thus prolonging his own suffering.


These qualities have served him well and will serve our country well as we navigate the difficult challenges ahead. I believe that at this time in our history, a President John McCain and adherence to conservative, constitutionally sound policies is the best choice for our continued opportunity, renewed prosperity, and freedom and liberty for all. It’s our country, our responsibility, our time to do the right thing.

 May God continue to bless you, and this great country.