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What are we teaching our children?
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My nephew is a Riverview Middle School wrestler and recently, I went to watch The King of the Mountain Wrestling Tournament in Towns County.


For the first time, I was embarrassed to be from Dawson County, because of behavior of some Dawson fans. I, and others sat in the stand and watched as a Dawson County mother fed her son some type of green capsules and three other pills after each of his matches that day.


I have no idea what the drugs were, but shouldn’t we be teaching our children to be drug free instead of using any type supplement to aid in their ability to participate in sports?


I sat in the stands and cringed as a wrestler from Dawson County’s family members went down to the mat for his last match and yelled for him to break his opponents leg.


Everyone wants to see their children win and do well, but what person in their right mind wants to see any child injured?


Where has the sportsmanship ethic gone?


Is this really how we want our children to grow up, popping pills and seriously hurting others?



Ada Brewster

Dawson County