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Weeks focus on legislation
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We returned to the Gold Dome for the ninth week of the 2014 legislative session on March 10. In that week, we focused on reviewing, debating and voting upon legislation that had already been passed by our counterparts in the Senate. Many pieces of the Senate's legislation were reviewed by committees throughout the week. Other pieces of Senate legislation made it through the committee process and on to the House floor for a vote.

A bill passed on the House floor this week will help ensure that the state of Georgia is prepared to deal with an ever-growing health concern among our aging population: Alzheimer's disease.

Currently more than 120,000 Georgians live with Alzheimer's disease, but that number is expected to rise to 160,000 by 2025.

Senate Resolution 746 addresses the growing illness by supporting the State Plan for Alzheimer's disease and related dementias.

Developed by a multidisciplinary group of state leaders, the plan aims to improve dementia prevention and treatment. It also increases community services, family support and public awareness for the disease.

Alzheimer's disease not only takes a toll on those who suffer from the illness, but also those around them; I hope that through SR 746, the state will embrace this plan to improve life for all those who have been affected by this horrible disease.

Last week the Senate passed the Intimate Harassment Bill, HB 838. This is the bill I authored that passed the House a couple of weeks ago. The bill will allow law enforcement and prosecutors to address the growing issue of revenge pornography. Since the bill has passed both chambers, it is on its way to the governor for his consideration. I am thankful that it may soon be signed into law.

The Senate also placed the Sludge bill, HB 741 on their calendar for last Thursday. They did not get to the bill before they adjourned for the week, but it is expected to be brought to the Senate floor for a vote this week. This is the bill I introduced that will allow county, cities and their citizens to have more of a voice in where sludge is placed in their community.

Numerous constituents in the 9th State House District have worked diligently to make sure that this bill becomes law this year.

This past Monday I appeared before the Senate Rules Committee to ask them to place my last two bills on the Senate calendar, HB 870 and HR 1183. I am hopeful that the Senate will discuss them and successfully pass the bills this week.

The last day of the session, Day 40, is Thursday; so I anticipate we will be debating bills until midnight. Any bill that is not passed in both chambers by then will have no chance of becoming law this year.


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