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Trying to save a life
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The purpose of this letter to the editor is to request the residents of Dawson County to assist me in contacting our local and state officials to work toward improving the unsafe intersection of Hwy. 53 and Hugh Stowers Road.

I was witness to three people being decapitated at this intersection in 1950 along with five other injuries. There have been many fatalities since that time.

Some years ago the school bus driver was successful in getting a convex mirror installed at the intersection of Clifton Drive and Hugh Stowers Road. I still fear some young driver will T-bone the school bus by turning onto the "Y" off of Hwy. 53 at a high rate of speed, as well as residents turning left from Hwy. 53 because of poor visibility.

I have written numerous letters to the GDOT, dating as far back as 2003. I have talked to local and state officials much longer. I have made numerous trips to the Gainesville Department of Transportation over the years; my results have been fruitless.

The time for these improvements is long overdue. There have been too many injuries, as well as too many fatalities. If you agree with me, I would prefer you write letters to local authorities because words fade with the wind and ink on paper stays there. I would also appreciate a copy of your letter for my files.

Please contact your commissioners, legislators and the state DOT.

Below is the expenditures planned for Dawson County from 2014 to 2017 taken from the Georgia Department of Transportation's website.

• Hwy. 52 relocation at Hwy. 183 extension/MP - total project cost $5,627,473

• Replace bridge at Hwy. 9 at Etowah River - total project cost $3,436,260

• Replace bridge Hwy. 136 at Etowah River - total project cost $2,222,090

• Type work: TE-Bike/ped facility Dawson County community cultural

• Trailway, phase I - total project cost $482,241

• Roundabout Hwy. 53 at Hwy. 183 - total project cost $2,326,528.

Hugh Stowers Jr.
Dawson County